Access bank mobile app – the emergence of App business is not peculiar to other industries like music industries, film industries and the rest of them.

It is also used in the financial sector in many capacities to drive a lot of things which include mobile banking.

Access bank as one of the leading banks in the Nigeria economic sector is not an alien here. They are a major contributor to this business game hence the topic – Access bank mobile app; Enjoy Banking with access bank mobile banking.

On the above topic, the following will form our major course outline:

  1. What is access bank mobile app
  2. Where can one get access bank app
  3. Access bank app download or Download access mobile app
  4. How do I activate my Access bank mobile App?
  5. How do I change my phone device?
  6. Access bank mobile banking (the things one can do with access bank app)
  7. conclusion

What is access bank mobile app?

This is an internet enabled mobile phone transaction app designed by access bank and hoisted on Google play store for easy access by access bank customers.

This allows access bank customers the benefit of doing their bank transactions at the comfort of their houses, in their car and on the go without getting to queue on the line.

The above are the basic benefits of access bank app.

Where can one get access bank mobile app

Now there two places where one can download Access Bank App:

  1. Access Bank Website
  2. Google Play Store.

Download access mobile app via Access Bank Website

This is very simple.

Just LOG on to access bank website by typing the web address on the url or the web address bar of your web browser of your phone, laptop or your desktop.

This will take you straight to the official website of Access Bank Plc. Look at the extreme right you will see the access bank app icon dangling with a download button beneath it.

Click on the Download Button and you end up owing the access bank app.

Download access mobile app via Google Play Store

This is also very simple.

With your android phone, please go to the Google play store.

Type access bank app on the search area of the Google Play Store and submit same.

I will unveil many access bank app. Please choose the one with new Logo of Access Bank and Diamond Bank known as Access More.

Click on it and click on the INSTALL button.

This will automatically download and install the Access More access bank app on your phone

How do I activate my Access bank App?

To do this is very simple. Just follow the advised step below”

  1. Click on the downloaded app and it will take you to login page.
  2. You are expected to login or sign in using your user name and password
  3. Go to forgot Password for retrieve user name and reset password.
  4. After which you now proceed to login as in before.

This answers the question of how do I log into my Access bank Apps.

How do I change my phone device?

For security purposes, banks have made it a point of duty to mitigate access to their customer’s account by lunching Mobile banking Apps on various phones at a time.

This means that you cannot lunch Access bank App against same account on more than one different device (Phones).

Where there is need to change device due to new purchase or phone theft, please do the following:

  1. Download the new my Access bank App
  2. Login to your my Access bank App using your previous login details.
  3. Login will fail on this new phone (Device) due to the reason given earlier.
  4. This is because your profile is in another phone.
  5. Simply click on change device on your Access More login page and take care of this.
  6. If it doesn’t work, please visit Access bank close to you.

The above is to ensure that Access bank App now works on one device only.

What is OTP in Access Bank Mobile App?

This is a 6 digit device change completion code supplied to Access Bank customer who wishes to change the Access Bank App to a new device.

For one to conclusively change a new device for Access Bank App, a 6 digit code will be sms to the user phone.

This 6 digit expires after 5mins from the time it was sent. This is part of its security features so that another person may not have access to it.

The user is expected to use this 6 digit number to complete the changing of a new device before he or she can be able to set new profile on the new device.

Access bank mobile banking (the things one can do with access bank app)

There are a lot of things one can do with Access Bank App which includes:

  1. Quick Transfers
  2. Quick Airtime
  3. Redirect to Internet Banking Platform
  4. Merchants and Bill Payments
  5. Balance Inquiry
  6. View Account Statement

These things does not need guide as in USSD Code transfers because they are all self drivers. A push of one button takes you to the other…and eventually the Boom button.

Access bank mobile app


The topic Access bank mobile app; Enjoy Banking with access bank mobile banking is designed to help you move the money that moves your business on the go with zero or minimal delay.

There is no one more important to us on this earth than you. This means that serving you with this type of financial news letter is our calling.

Please fill free to contact s on any area that seems unclear to you. We are here for you.

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