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Airtel free data – can you remember those university days…when internet access is hardly gotten and for you to treat any course work, project or do personal internet surfing you must visit the cyber café.

In those days, people prefer the night browsing because it is cheaper and it gives you long browsing access. That was when men are willing to do vigil in cyber cafés.

After this era, smart phones, Symbian phones and just yester android phones stormed the market bringing the internet to the very door steps of the people.

With the internet at our hands, the Cyber café business gradually fizzled out of the internet business market.

To aid students, the poor and the great minds that has limited internet access find their place again like in those days of cyber café night browsing, the telecom giants like Airtel lunched this data scheme.

Airtel free data
Free indeed

In this course particular FinanceDropbox series. The following will form our major outline:

  1. What is airtel free data
  2. What is the default condition for free data to be accessed?
  3. How to know your free data balance and other bonuses.
  4. What are the various airtel free data code available for use
  5. Conclusion.

What is Airtel Free Data?

This means that with these airtel customers can surf the internet free of charge or at a well reduced cost which makes the surplus data unpaid for to be a bonus.

What is the default condition for it to be accessed?

For any airtel customer to be able to enjoy free data with airtel, that customer must have his or her airtel line set on Airtel Smart Connect as the default airtel line.

Be calm here! There is little explaining to be made here.

Each sim or line from airtel is set on Airtel smart connect as a default sim/line. One you are on this you are bound to receive this data, free call balance and other bonuses.

How to know your airtel data balance and other bonuses.

To check your free data balance and bonuses, simply dial the following:

  1. Dial *123*1#
  2. It will display all the bonuses available for you including weekend and social balance bonus balance

What are the various airtel free data code available for use

The following are available for one to use and get your portion of free data and bonuses with airtel:

*440*16# airtel bonus data plan

This is the free data plan on airtel platform that allows one to get the following:

  1. N750.00 weekdays call value
  2. N750.00 weekend call value
  3. 3GB monthly airtel data plan

To get this simply recharge N1,500.00 and call *440*16#after the recharge. You will immediately get a message that reads:

“Your N1,500.00 monthly plan has been successfully activated. Valid for 30days. Dial *140# for data balance”

Free Surf Airtel data

Free Surf is a free data that allows airtel customer to enjoy free 160MB every month. This means that the MB has a validity period of 30 days and the browsing charge rate is N2.00 per MB

To get this, simply dial *400# and there you go.

1GB Airtel free weekend data:

This is free data on airtel platform for weekend browsing only – Saturdays and Sundays to be precise.

The free data becomes active and available to customers for use from 12am every Saturday to 11:59pm every Sunday.

Subscribing for this is very simple. Just dial *475# twice and here you go.

Free 250MB per week

This is the magnificence of airtel recharge plus. This is a promo recharge plan from airtel that allows one to get free 250MB per week.

This you do by first accessing your airtel recharge target using *479# recharging. Now recharge till you hit and surpass this target.

Once this threshold is reached, you will get a notification on your weekly validity promo free bonus which is valid till 11:59pm of every Sunday.

Now let’s wrap this topic ups with this very important one which is:

Rolling Over of Unused Airtel Data

There are times when you observed that you have not used up your data before the validity day(s) expires.

In such situation, we appear handicapped because it appears our remaining data will just disappear like gone forever.

We are here with the solution dear.

Simply dial *141*your rechargeamount# to gain this. This will automatically renew that exiting data plan and add you unused data to it.

For instance if your data recharge amount is N1,500.00 the you are expected to do this:

Dial *141*1500#. It will give you a new N1,500.00 data plan + the unused airtel data

Hence *141*1500#= New N1,500.00data plan + the unused airtel data

All the above mentioned data plans has clearily provided answers to the question how can I get free data on airtel?

Airtel free data
Try it today


Thank you for being with us. We hope that this topic really serve your day.

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