How do bloggers make money – there are many things that baffle me but one of them is the very act of someone that read mass communications, Journalism or such courses being jobless and penniless.

A mass communication student, a student of journalism or a person that read such course must not wait to be employed by a big company or to secure a white collar job before he or she should know he or she is walking money.

Blogging is a sure start for such persons rather than waiting for white collar jobs.

We are here to teach interested men and women how to make money. Many have written about it on the following sub topics:

  1. How to make money blogging
  2. How to start a blog and make money
  3. How to create a blog for free and make money
  4. How to monetize a blog
  5. How to make money with a blog for beginners
  6. How do you make money blogging?
  7. How to earn money from blog
  8. How to monetize your blog
  9. How to get paid for blogging

Despite of the above great thoughts we chose to give you quite a simpler topic – How do bloggers make money.

We will be treating the following outlines:

  1. What is blogging?
  2. The concept of making money via blogging
  3. Owing a site (Website or Blog Site)
  4. Mastering the use of Keywords
  5. Blending the keywords and Latent Semantic Index (LSI)
  6. Keyword Stuffing
  7. Length of words requires on blogging
  8. Originality of such words (Plagiarism)
  9. Post / articles generation
  10. Guest Writing
  11. Traffic Generation
  12. Securing Google AdSense.

Keeping the above maximizes traffic which is the basis for organic traffic generation to one’s website.

Once this traffic is high, the income will be flowing in which means that the higher the traffic, the higher income. What a blogger targets is traffic.

how do bloggers make money
Learning Spot

What is blogging?

Blogging is an electronic online publication where people men and women often refers to as bloggers raise articles, films, music and other works of sought and publish same via their online platforms for users to access, read or use same via search engines.

These search engines include: Google, Bing and many more.

The concept of making money via blogging

When you throw a general question on how much money can you make from a blog, how do beginner bloggers make money, does blogging really pay, types of blogs that make money, how to become a blogger and many more, the following will be the answers you will get:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Selling adverts on your site
  3. Selling online electronic products like eBook
  4. Selling membership and membership registrations
  5. Course facilitation
  6. Freelance writing and many more

The above points are good but it is like telling someone who asks a question on how one can look beautiful that the answer is to wear fine cloths.

Wearing fine cloths play a big role but it is the peripheral and not also the basics here. What about taking a neat bath before wearing this fine cloth so that the dirty body won’t stain it?

Thai is what the above suggest without doing the needful and we are here to tell you the things that matters. There is no way you can do affiliate marketing with a site that has neither quality nor quantity SEO ranking and traffics.

This means that the major thing on making money through blog is getting the desired traffic. The first thing to be discussed is:

Owing a site (Website or Blog Site)

For one to own a good house, the foundation must be strong so that it can contain all that is laid on it.

When you want to start a life as a blogger, you must ensure you get the first things first. You website must be robust and Search Engine friendly.

This means that you must get the services of an experienced Webmaster whose job it to set up your website to purpose.

Mastering the use of Keywords / Key phrases

When people start blogging, they have these ideas of what they want to write – beautiful topics well arranged in their hearts but it is not done that way.

To write, you only need to court the search engines of which Google is the chief of them all and in other to achieve this, you must write with the Keywords.

To achieve this, you activate the Google Keyword planner with your Gmail account. Once you are able access this keyword planner then type anything you want to write on and search same.

This will give you a Google friendly version of what you want to write on. This keyword or key phrase is what will form your topic on what you propose to write.

Blending the keywords and Latent Semantic Index (LSI)

Apart from the Keywords and the Key Phrases, there is something we still call the Latent Semantic Index (LSI).

Have you noticed this scenario that plays out when you search for things on Google and it gives you a list of drop down with these words, “People also ask and Related searches

Those drop down that contains what people also search for is what we refer to as the Latent Semantic Index (LSI).

A pure blend of Key word or Key phrase with the Latent Semantic Index (LSI) makes your work to be Google friendly and it increases organic traffics to once Website.

Keyword Stuffing

If there is one thing google hates very much, it is Key word stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the over using of keyword in one’s article or post to generate traffic.

By this the blogger quotes the keyword intentionally over and over again in the body of the text.

This kills the message because it makes it look childish and google and other search engines hates that.

Simply put, keyword stuffing makes ones work not to rank.

Length of words requires on blogging

On word press, the minimum length of words a blogger is expected to write always is 300 words.

Websites with a good domain age can write something less than 300 words and still rank for it.

Generally, Google needs details and an article rich in words. A minimum of 700 words is better for a fare ranking competition with your niche competitors.

Originality of such words (Plagiarism)

Many persons join the bloggers community with lazy mentality. Such person wants to be a blogger but does not have the desire to write.

Instead of taking their brain to get a write up that is original and own a trade mark, they will prefer to copy and post other blogger’s work.

This copying and publishing such works copied from other blogger’s website is what we call Plagiarism and it provokes Google a lot.

You cannot succeed with this because apart from google hating it, it is a limitation that shows how unprepared you are in the business.

This is violation of SEO Copywriting

Content writing / article writing (SEO Writing)

This is where your ability to write is quantity, quality, sweet, detailed and captivating articles is tested bearing in mind the blending of Keywords, Key phrase and Latent Semantic Index (LSI).

If one article can get you 3 readers per day, then it follows that 1000 articles will give you at least 3,000 visitors per day to your site.

The more the article the higher your traffic. If you really want to learn how do bloggers make money, you must know this first.

Guest Writing

This is one of the most difficult part in blogging because in this sector, you are going to court website with high domain authority asking them to allow you to write an article for their website.

If they accept then you will write for them and they will post your article on their site and give your website a Back-link.

Sometimes you may be given a login details to their site to publish the work yourself.

This back links serves as a kind of reference to google and other search engines that your website is eligible for the purpose you represent. This will make them to refer visitors to you and thus increase your traffic.

The reason this is very difficult is that some websites don’t accept quest writing request. Some won’t even respond to your request while some will be polite enough to say no. if you are not persistent, you will lose hope.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored Posts are the same with guest writing except that the person asking for it does not have time to beg. He comes straight with a cost bargain of what he or she will pay to post on your site.

Those that venture into this do so because they want insults, neglects and time wasting. They are business minded.

It is simply called sponsored post because it is a paid post. This is key on the topic how do bloggers make money.

Securing Google AdSense

This is another difficult stage but it is very simple too. Google AdSense allows you to be paid on 3rd party advertisements placed on your site by google. By 3rd party we mean adverts individuals, governments, companies and many other paid Google for.

Because these adverts are placed on your website, you will be paid based on clicks and views.

This is very difficult to secure at time but it is very simple two. I got my AdSense in two week and the secret is contained here.

Provided your traffic is getting higher, your AdSense value can never lower.

how do bloggers make money
Blogging really pays


Now the topic how do bloggers make money is a simple one. Just follow the above raised points and raise your traffic.

You will them make your money through adverts, sponsored posts, guest writing and Google AdSense.

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