How to hack bank account in Nigeria – We believe that you have heard many stories of someone’s account being hacked and the increasing rate of cash and wired frauds from people bank account.

The recent case of Hush Puppies or Hushpuppi and the joint team of the Interpol / the FBI trending right now on the Internet is a clear proof that hacking of bank accounts is real.

In case you don’t know, Hushpuppi which is the street name of Raymond Abbas Igbalodeli was allegedly arrested in a cyber crime related offences in which people funds in the volume of millions of dollar were moved from persons account in the United States of America to their pool accounts designed for the fraud.

This was done because the said defrauded accounts were hacked and the funds moved without the owner’s knowledge and consent.

From this, you can now see why we wish to discuss the current trending topic how to hack bank account in Nigeria

How to hack bank account in Nigeria
Dark Web Operator

Our major outlines on this bank account hacking tutorials are:

  1. What is does it mean to hack bank account?
  2. What is the software to hack someones bank account?
  3. The steps to hack someones bank account
  4. Conclusion

What is does it mean to hack bank account

This, in its simple terms, is the art and science of taking either full or partial control of someone’s back account mostly without the knowledge of the person for the singular purpose of defrauding the person or for transactional purposes.

This is not done with bare hands which is why the next stage of this topic is very necessary.

Don’t sleep, the bomb is about to explode.

What is the software to hack someones bank account?

This section deals with the instruments one need to hack account. In the olden days men go about this manually but now, techs are available for you to hack bank account.

The major bank account hacking software for this job are:

  1. Kali Linux
  2. CMD or Command prompts
  3. App for hacking bank account
  4. Special Dark Webs
  5. ICICI bank account hacking software

This is why you often hear things like hack bank account with kali linux; hack a bank account with CMD, dark web hack bank account and icici bank account hacking software.

These are the major bank account hacking tools for one to hack any bank account.

In recent times, the trend has yielded much success for the hackers and loss for the account owners because bank hack add unlimited money software download.

Now this is what you need to know to help yourself from becoming a victim. The first thing here is that you must know how a hacker operates which leads us to the next line:

The steps to hack someones bank account

The following are steps hackers take to hit a customer real hard. Master them if you must beat and be ahead of them.

  1. Hacker need to know their customers. A real hacker doesn’t make a blind approach to his target. This is where they do their KYT – know your target.
  2. They use their software to get your Account name, your account number, your ATM pan number, possibly your BVN too.
  3. Note one thing here, what they have are things that are made readily available and known to 3rd party other than that known to the account owner and the banks alone.
  4. The hackers don’t know things like PIN, the digits missing in your ATM number like (5201********24697), your passwords and some other private details that are equally classified in the bank. This is because all banks have security certification on their software and Core banking Applications. Hacking these applications is not easy so they now go for easy targets which is the customers.
  5. What they now do is to use what they have to get what they don’t have. This they do by simply getting you to compromise your private banking details.
  6. That is why you get call from bank account hacker contact number asking you for those private details.
  7. Before the call comes, they are already on these mentioned platforms with the information they already have. What they are waiting is for you to give them the information they don’t have.
  8. Once you provide these information, you will immediately get a debit alert from your account on your phone.
  9. This means that they have hack account bank password, your account PIN and your account dtails.
  10. One the hacker’s style is to call and identify themselves as customer service of your bank. They will tell you that your BVN has wrong date of birth which you will refute immediately. They will call you by your name so that you will believe them. The next thing is for them to apologize and tell you that it can be resolved immediately.
  11. With that plea, you will be asked to give them the information they need to correct it. This information is actually the information they need to complete the sequencing and move your money.

Steps to beat account hackers:

  1. First step to beating them is don’t engage them in that conversation.
  2. One they come as your customer service of your bank, tell them that you want to confirm from your bank via phone call before you continue…and they will try to persuade you not to do that.
  3. They will back out immediately if you insist.

Hack bank account using mobile number / hack bank account using phone number

Before we wrap up this phase, we wish to decry poor knowledge of people of this time as it concerns modern day technology.

Please note that as at now, your phone number is now equivalent to your account number which means that you need to be careful.

Don’t take phone loss less serious anymore. If you phone gets lost, please do the following immediately:

  1. Contact your bank customer service immediately
  2. Report the incidence
  3. This will enable them block your account.
  4. Ensure your retrieve your phone number from your network provider in less than 24 hours.
  5. Finally please go to court and to police to swear affidavit and obtain police extract accordingly.
  6. Failure to do so will result into unauthorized debits from your account(s) using your bank USSD Code services like *833# for Polaris Bank; *901# for Access bank, *329# for FCMB, *834# for First Bank and so on

This type of account having is very easy because the hacker can easily get your BVN, your Account name, your account number and so on.

How to hack bank account in Nigeria
You can beat them


The topic How to hack bank account in Nigeria is not a look and jump over topic rather it is a topic that must be taken seriously

Please don’t wait to be a victim before you learn.

Read this topic and master how to hack bank account in Nigeria in other to prevent it from happening to you.

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