Fidelity online banking; the online banking fidelity known as ibanking fidelity

Fidelity online banking – Welcome to this session of Finance Drop Box financial column. We are pleased to bring to you this topic Fidelity online banking; the online banking fidelity known as ibanking fidelity.

You can agree with us that Internet banking also known as online banking is one or even the major source of convenient banking outside the banking done within the banking premises.

Fidelity bank, as one of the leading banks in Nigeria has a well designed packed that agrees with the demands of this modern time technology for their customers.

After reading this, you may end up opening account with them too.

Fidelity online banking
Its working

Our major course outlines here are:

  1. What is Fidelity online banking also known as ibanking fidelity and fidelity bank  internet banking
  2. Accessing the ibanking fidelity
  3. fidelity bank online registration
  4. fidelity internet banking login
  5. fidelity bank corporate internet banking
  6. Fidelity Personal internet banking or fidelity internet banking home
  7. Transaction one can person with Ibanking Fidelity – fidelity bank online transfer

What is Fidelity online banking also known as ibanking fidelity and fidelity bank internet banking

This is the web based internet banking transaction platform done on the website of Fidelity Bank for both internal staff (Bank employees) and their general customers.

It is hoisted on the site for easy access, usage and speedy transaction.

Accessing ibanking fidelity

The fidelity ibanking fidelity andfidelity bank internet banking can be access through the following means:

  1. The website of Fidelity bank
  2. Through Fidelity Bank Mobile App

The website of Fidelity bank

To achieve this simply do the following:

  1. Lunch
  2. On this hangs these icons – Retail Banking, SME, Corporate Banking and Private banking
  3. On each and every one of these icons lie a drop down
  4. A drop of cursor on any of the icon reveals the drop down
  5. Retail Banking icon contains Online Banking icon
  6. SME Banking icon contains Corporate Online Banking icon
  7. Corporate Banking contains Corporate Online Banking icon
  8. Private banking contains Online Banking icon.
  9. A click on this will take you straight the login page of the Online banking.

Remember that retail and private icon only contain the links to individual online banking of fidelity bank while SME and Corporate banking icons contain the links to corporate online banking of fidelity bank.

More importantly, in the upper middle of the fidelity website lays the online banking icon. A clock on it takes you to the login page of this online banking.

Through Fidelity Bank Mobile App

This too is simple.

  1. Please lunch the downloaded Fidelity Bank mobile App
  2. Tap on the online banking icon.
  3. Login with your username and password
  4. If you haven’t register, then follow the above instruction on registration.
  5. I guess this is simple too

How to register for fidelity online banking

This is another simple task. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Lunch
  2. Lunch the internet banking login page.
  3. Beneath the login page is the register icon of fidelity Internet banking
  4. A click on this will take you straight to the registration page.
  5. Start off by validating your identity.
  6. To do this simply put the account number first which will trigger a message to your phone number registered with on the bank’s platform
  7. This will open the page for the choosing one’s username and password.
  8. Choose your username and password wisely but more so, please choose the questions and answers rightly as well should the need to reset your password arise.
  9. One last thing remains; download the soft token App.
  10. The login with username and password will set your transaction boom once you put your soft token and submit.

This completely answers the questions of how do I do online banking with Fidelity bank? And how do I find my Fidelity Username?

Transactions one can do with Fidelity Online Banking

The following can be achieved with this online banking platform:

  1. Balance enquiry hence the answer to the question how do I check my Fidelity account balance?
  2. Fund Transfer
  3. Bill payment like DSTV, GOTV, EEDC and many more
  4. Statement enquiry

The good thing about this is that they are all self explanatory. You can carry out your transactions without guide.

In case you get challenged on the way while doing this, please visit Fidelity bank near me or call Fidelity bank customer care to assist with Fidelity bank locations.

Fidelity online banking
Home Banking made easy


Please I don’t know if we have served you here but get one thing straight if you are a customer of this prestigious bank known as Fidelity Bank then make banking easier for you by taking advantage of this wonderful provision.

We wish you happy banking with fidelity bank.

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