GTBank mobile money – have you heard about street banking? We are talking about Thrift collectors here.

We are talking about banks extending banking to the street through the organized and trained services of an agent.

GTBank is not an exception here and as such, we are pleased to bring you the topic GTBank mobile money; the street agent banking using GTBank money App.

GTBank mobile money

The major course outline to be treated here are:

  1. What is GTBank mobile money
  2. Who is GTB mobile money agent?
  3. GTBank mobile money registration
  4. GTB quick cash (How can I get money from my GTB account fast?)
  5. What is the transfer limit for GTBank?
  6. How can I fund my GTB mobile wallet?
  7. Becoming money transfer agent on GTworld / how to become GTBank mobile money agent
  8. Commission and requirements.
  9. Conclusion

What is GTBank mobile money?

This is the corporate street banking of GTBank championed by a 3rd party contracted persons known as agents who sell the services of GTBank to both GTbank’s customers and other customers.

These agents are not just agents or any kind of product sellers but they are agent that understands the very core value, vision and mission statement of GTBank such that what is sold in the respective branches of GTB is exactly what customer gets from the hands of the agents.

To better understand this, it is high time we explain in a better ways the meaning of agent as maintained here hence our next line…

Who is GTB mobile money agent?

This is the 3rd party contracted person(s) also known as agents who sell the services of GTBank on the street, shops nooks and crannies to both GTbank’s customers and none customers using the App or the GTBank POS.

They represent Guarantee Trust Bank both in culture and in services.

GTBank mobile money registration

The registration as a money agent of GTBank is very simple.

All you need to do as someone who wants to be GTBank agent is to ensure that you provide all the basic requirements on the demand list of GTBank.

The basic requirements are:

  1. Declaration of interests to be an agent by going to any branch of GTbank to fill forms and open an agent account.
  2. For this to happen you must provide the following: BVN, Valid means of ID, Utility Bill, Initial operation balance of about N50,000.00
  3. The agent must have no criminal record
  4. The agent must be of sound mind
  5. The Agent must have a great deal of integrity.

With these little requirements, an agent is already born.

Now the above clarifies the concept of one becoming money transfer agent on GTworld or how to become GTBank mobile money agent

Transactions that done with this GTBank Mobile banking are:

  1. Account opening
  2. Balance enquiry
  3. Payment of Bills
  4. Purchase of airtime  / recharge card
  5. Fund transfers.

Now to achieve all these through an agent, please visit their shops and make your request.

This will be achieved with their POS or GTBank App,

Now I believe that you are well aware that we have given you to GTB quick cash which equally provides an answer to that your private inquiry – how can I get money from my GTB account fast?

What is the transfer limit for GTBank?

From GTBank publication, a daily summed up transaction limit of N200,000.00 is currently allowed for transfer by GTBank agents on this platform.

This includes transfer from GTBank account to another GTbank account and transfers from GTbank to other banks.

This is done to cushion loss effect against fraudulent transactions.

How can I fund my GTB mobile wallet as GTBank Agent?

Before an agent can pay customers at his office, he or she must have a purse also known as till, his agent banking account or wallet.

It is from this wallet that customers are paid from.

There two ways a GTbank agent can fund his or her wallet:

  1. By direct cash deposit across the counter inside the bank
  2. By paying customers.

It works this way. When you pay money into your account across the counter it automatically increase the agent’s operating cash balance from which you can now pay customers.

Secondly, when you pay customers, the customer’s account will be debited and the corresponding credit will be passed into your purse also known as till, his agent banking account or wallet.


The commission on agent banking varies from one bank to another but here are the commission plan and other financial benefit of GTbank as an agent.

GTBank mobile money


Sincerely speaking, this money agent banking has proven that it is a provider of service to GTBank customers and a means of employment to our youths.

With these obvious reduced stress, poverty will be seriously regulated.

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