GTBank online banking – the GTB internet banking that suits your business

GTBank online banking – the fire of web business has blazed high the Nigerian banking sector and Guarantee Trust Bank is a major player and a major contributor to this catchy manifestations.

Do you doubt it? The Guarantee Trust bank Internet Banking or better put GTBank online banking is a pure manifestation of such tech based banking in Nigeria. is ready to strengthen the curves that hide the clear understanding on this topic all we ask from you is to only give us your precious time.

GTBank online banking
The Guaranteed Online Platform

To do justice to this topic the following will form our major course outline on this:

  1. What is GTBank online banking (ibank GTB)?
  2. GTBank internet banking registration
  3. gtb internet banking platform
  4. GTBank online banking login/ GTBank login internet banking / ibankgtbank login
  5. GTBank internet banking login details
  6. Opengtbank online / gtb online payment / How can I check my GTB account online? / How do I upgrade my GTB account online?
  7. GTB online customer care / gtbank email
  8. Conclusion

What is GTBank online banking (ibank GTB)?

This is web based GTBank internet banking solution and platform which is hoisted basically on GTBank’s for the transactional use by GTBank customer – both internal and external alike.

Through this GTBank customers fulfill their transaction requirements were visiting the branch and without experiencing long queue.

GTBank internet banking registration

To do this, you need to access the GTBank internet banking platform first by following the steps below:

  1. Lunch the GTBank website –
  2. Click on online banking login
  3. It will display personal and Business (GAPS)
  4. …but our concern here for now is registration; so move your cursor the link below that reads Register
  5. Click on it, it will take you to a page asking your NUBAN and 5 digits from your ATM PAN in a certain order like 5th, 11th, 13th and so on
  6. Put the card expiry date in its space
  7. Input card PIN too in its place.
  8. Confirm that you are not a Robot and click on continue
  9. This will generate your internet banking login detail

With these GTBank internet banking login details you can now proceed to the next stage which is…

GTBank online banking login/ GTBank login internet banking / ibank gtbank login

This is the simply the act and the process of using the GTBank internet banking login details – Username and Password – secured after registration to login to the GTBank internet banking platform.

With this username and Password, any GTBank customer can log into it the GTBank internet banking platform and perform any of these transactions as he or she wants:

  1. Open GTBank account online
  2. Do a GTB online payment and transfers
  3. Check your GTBank account with convincing proof and knowledge on all enquiries on how can I check my GTB account online?
  4. Upgrade your GTBank account and be able to handle queries on how do I upgrade my GTB account online?

Now know that all these possible transactions on the GTBank online transactions are simple and straight forward.

Better put, they are all self explanatory and a self guide from start of finish of all transactions you want to do.

All you need to do is to follow each transaction icon and make your request

GTB online customer care

Now it is possible for one to encounter issues while trying to perform any of this transaction. These issues van be resolved too.

The following are the ways you can get this resolved:

  1. A quick call to the GTB online customer care
  2. Sending mail using GTBank email
  3. Contacting us at
  4. …by visiting any GTBank branch nationwide
GTBank online banking
A standby customer service connect


What is the challenge now with that online request of yours?

GTB Online banking is very trustworthy and reliable. You must not allow your business to suffer another blow before you get acquainted with this self service package

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