Moneygram in Nigeria – This great house of financial remittances and receipts has a great age in Nigeria. It also positions itself as the first to land the shores in Nigeria and to be used in Nigeria.

Through MoneyGram, family needs, office needs and business needs have been settled. This was achieved because MoneyGram serves as the great bridge that eradicates the division between the receiver and the sender.

You can now see how MoneyGram is able to unite the financial world of many people in a second globally.

moneygram in Nigeria

From here we will be discussing what is MoneyGram and how does it work?

What is MoneyGram?

This is another USA based financial Services Company besides Western Union that is known for its global money remittance services with its headquarters located in Dallas in the state of Texas USA.

MoneyGram equally bridges the gap between the receiver of fund and the sender in other to ensure a perfect cash delivery from the hand of the sender to the hand of the receiver.

The concept of how money gram works here

This takes us to the introduction of MoneyGram agents in Nigeria.

MoneyGram works with Agents, Merchants and vendors too but in Nigeria, MoneyGram operates with the Banks as their Agents as advised and supervised by CBN.

These agents also known as Banks are responsible for initiating a MoneyGram send also known as Moneygram Outbound and the payment of MoneyGram Receive also known as MoneyGram Inbound.

This will be better understood as we go on starting with…

Send money to Nigeria Moneygram / moneygram send money to Nigeria

Sending Money to Nigeria via MoneyGram is very simple.

Just do the following:

  1. Open a tier 3 account with any Money Deposit bank in Nigeria.
  2. Visit the Money Deposit bank in Nigeria where you have opened a tier 3 account and make your request to send money via MoneyGram.
  3. A MoneyGram Send form will be given to you. Fill it without any alteration on the form. MoneyGram doesn’t entertain alteration at all to avoid fund recall.
  4. Attach your valid means of identification which is BVN only. MoneyGram accepts only BVN as its means of identification.
  5. This BVN will be verified on the portal and printed out before it can be used to ascertain it authenticity.
  6. Submit the filled MoneyGram send form to the Money Transfer officer of your bank.
  7. The money transfer officer will log on to the MoneyGram Portal and input this request.
  8. The authorizer will login and review all that the imputer did. If everything is ok, the authorizer will authorize same.
  9. A MoneyGram reference number which is a security number only known to the sender, the agents involved at both sending and receiving ends in this transaction and the receiver will be generated and given to the sender for delivery to the receiver. The MoneyGram reference number must be guarded carefully as it the key to the safety of this transaction hence the meaning of secure MoneyGram.

MoneyGram pick up in Nigeria

This is also called MoneyGram receive money to Nigeria and it is more like a continuation of the MoneyGram send discussed above.

To do this, please follow this simple guideline:

  1. Visit any bank were you have a tier 3 account.
  2. Indicate your interest to receive money sent to your via MoneyGram.
  3. Fill out money receive form.
  4. Attach your valid means of identification which is BVN only. MoneyGram accepts only BVN as its means of identification.
  5. This BVN will be verified on the portal and printed out before it can be used to ascertain it authenticity.
  6. Supply these to the Money transfer officer who will use the MoneyGram reference number to for a MoneyGram reference number check and to generate the transaction.
  7. The Money transfer officer will input necessary things and submit same.
  8. This will go to the authorizer who will login to the same platform, review the transaction imputed by the money transfer officer and authorize if it is ok.
  9. At the end the receiver will be paid the money across the counter in a payout

Also there are situations that cam make the money not to be paid in cash to the receiver across the counter rather it will be paid into the customer’s account.

Such situations are:

  1. MoneyGram amount from $500.00 and above.
  2. Understandable KYC difference in the transaction.
  3. A personal request by the receiver that the money should be paid into his or her bank account.

At this instance, the money will be paid straight into customers account.

Please note that MoneyGram receiving limit in Nigeria is $5,000.00

Any amount above this will not be paid at received and will not be paid under any circumstances.

The above answers to all your enquiries on MoneyGram limit to Nigeria, MoneyGram limit in Nigeria and MoneyGram transfer limit to Nigeria

NB: MoneyGram reference number check is sub platform under MoneyGram main platform used to confirm that a certain MoneyGram reference number supplied is authentic and valid.

There are also moments someone may come for Western Union but mistakenly claim he or she came for MoneyGram, the payment number will be checked using MoneyGram reference number check.

The said customer will now be told to process Western Union…not MoneyGram

Banks that operate moneygram in Nigeria / moneygram banks in Nigeria

Please be clarified here, virtually all the Money Deposit banks in Nigeria do MoneyGram transaction.

Currently we can tell you banks that are not doing it but a simple visit to such bank will convince you.

Enter your bank and request for such service. If they are doing it you will know for sure.

MoneyGram customer service / MoneyGram customer service number

This is we shall discuss the call MoneyGram Concept.

There are instances when MoneyGram transaction experience unexpected hiccups. At this time we are expected to visit MoneyGram Customer Service or call MoneyGram through the MoneyGram Customer Service Number.

A whole lot of issues have been resolved through this. You can also visit MoneyGram office in Nigeria for resolution too.

They have the following office:

  1. MoneyGram Port Harcourt
  2. MoneyGram ikeja
  3. MoneyGram Lagos
  4. MoneyGram Abuja

MoneyGram Fees and MoneyGram Charges

Each MoneyGram transaction especially moneygram send money to Nigeria attracts certain payments which are:

  1. MoneyGram Fees
  2. MoneyGram Charges
  3. Value Added Tax

The Fees and Charges are variable which depend on the amount and Dollar rate for the day’s transaction.

From the Dollar rate of the day, these Fees and Charges are applied accordingly per transactions.

MoneyGram Calculator

This is MoneyGram application with inbuilt rate plugins that calculate Fees and Charges of MoneyGram done in any location of which Nigeria is included.

Rate Fluctuation does not affect it since it is designed to manage such situation too. In other words, it is designed with MoneyGram exchange rate to Nigeria today and MoneyGram rate in Nigeria in general.

With this, one can easily calculate:

  1. MoneyGram Fees
  2. MoneyGram Charges
  3. Value Added Tax
moneygram in Nigeria


The above topic is a vast business for a vast population like Nigeria. It is designed for you.

Don’t let that remittance issue last the next day.

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