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Western union in Nigeria – what do you know about Western Union? We know you know enough but we @Financedropbox.com are here to add to what you already know in other to make your knowledge complete.

It is no longer news that families, friends and offices need to remit money to one another from time to time for one need or the other to be solved but the obvious here is that a lot of means of achieving this has emerged in recent times.

The services of Western Union are key part and major means of ensuring that such remittance does not suffer a bad fate.

Western union in Nigeria

In other to be able to give this topic the clarity it deserves, the following will be our major course outlines:

What is Western Union?

This is USA based financial Services Company that also referred to as money remittance and Communication Company in part, founded in 1851 with its headquarters located in Denver in the state of Colorado USA.

Western Union bridges the gap between the receiver of fund and the sender by becoming a channel or hand for such fund’s delivery from the hand of the sender to the hand of the receiver.

You might be wondering how Western Union is able to achieve this and still remain in business over these years. Our next communication will feed you with that hence the concept of…

How do Western Union work?

Over time and especially in this internet based era, Western Union has been able to work in these following ways:

  1. Through agent locations throughout the world from where a sender execute his or her request to a certain receiver which will be paid in the receiver’s local currency
  2. By the use of Western Union App or their website to remit to a street merchant from where the receiver will pick up his or her money.
  3. …and from your business account to the account of a vendor for onward delivery to the intended receiver.

With these means western union has been able to serve the universe accordingly.

Finally please note that only agents and partners are currently used in Nigeria for these transactions of which Banks are the known agents in Nigeria.

Send money to Nigeria western union

This deals the details and processes a sender must follow to send money to a receiver in Nigeria though Western Union hence the provisions of solution to the inquiries on how do I send money through Western Union in Nigeria?

The whole process of sending money via western union which is also known as Western Union outbound transfers are strictly CBN regulated and the process are:

  1. Open a tier 3 account with any Money Deposit bank in Nigeria.
  2. Visit the Money Deposit bank in Nigeria where you have opened a tier 3 account and make your request to send money via Western Union.
  3. A Western Union Send form will be given to you. Fill it without any alteration on the form. Western union doesn’t entertain alteration at all.
  4. Attach your valid means of identification which include BVN, Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID card and voter’s card.
  5. These IDs will be verified on the portal before they can be used to ascertain it authenticity.
  6. Submit the filled western union send form to the Money Transfer officer of your bank.
  7. The money transfer officer will log on to the Western Union Portal and input this request.
  8. The authorizer will login and review all that the imputer did. If everything is ok, the authorizer will authorize same.
  9. MTCN will be generated which will be given to the sender for delivery to the receiver.

How much money can I send through Western Union?

Western union in Nigeria is sent quarterly per customer as regulated by CBN and the quarterly maximum amount one can send is N330,000.00 per customer per quarter.

This is debited directly from the customers after inputting the customer’s request on Western Union platform. It is until this debit is passed that the customer can be given the Western Union payment reference known as MTCN.                                                                                            

However, a customer can do multiple sending in various trances within the said quarter provided the person did not exceed the quarterly maximum limit of N330,000.00

We believe that with this little exposition, you are now educated on question you often ask yourself on how much money can I send with Western Union?

How do I receive money through Western Union?

This is a continuation from where the western union sending stopped in a particular country.

With the MTCN number advised to you by the sender, please do the following;

  1. Visit any bank were you have a tier 3 account.
  2. Indicate your interest to receive money sent to your via western union.
  3. Fill out money receive form. Some banks are now going paperless which means customer may not have to fill any form again.
  4. Supply your means of identification which include BVN, Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID card and voter’s card. Please note here that you don’t need to ask the question can u receive money from Western Union without ID because the answer capital NO.
  5. These IDs will be verified on the portal before they can be used to ascertain it authenticity.
  6. Supply these to the Money transfer officer who will use the MTCN to generate the transaction, input necessary things and submit same.
  7. This will go to the authorizer who will login to the same platform, review the transaction imputed by the money transfer officer and authorize if it is ok.
  8. At the end the receiver will be paid the money across the counter in a payout

Now there are instances were after these processes, the money will not be paid in cash to the receiver across the counter instead it will be paid into the customer’s account.

Such instances are:

  1. When the amount is from $500.00 and above.
  2. When there certain understandable KYC ambiguity in the transaction.
  3. When the receiver personally requested that the money should be paid into his or her bank account.

These three conditions are eligible answers to the question on how do I receive money from Western Union directly to my bank account because such transactions are paid straight into customers account.

At this point it might interest you to know that Western union receive money limit in Nigeria is $5,000.00

Anything from this amount upwards will not be paid to any customer – not as a payout into the customer’s account nor as a payout across the counter.

The above is the Nigerian standard on how do I receive money through Western Union?

Finally, please don’t think of bringing up issues or questions like can someone else pick up my Western Union money for me?

One more the answer is Capital NO!

Western union rate in Nigeria

One thing we can tell you about Western union exchange rate in Nigeria is that it is very dynamic and it’s determining factor the current Dollar Exchange rate to Naira at any point in time.

For instance the answer to the question how much does it cost to send $100 Western Union or

how much does it cost to send $300 Western Union will always vary from time to time because of the same reason given earlier.

This means that the answer will be the same if the dollar exchange rate to Naira is constant.

Western union Nigeria locations

The following are major Western Union locations in Nigeria:

  1. Western union Lagos
  2. Western union Abuja

Western union Lagos

This is located at No: 95 St. Finbarrs’s College road, Akoka Lagos.

Western union Abuja

Please find below the places you can locate Western Union offices in Abuja:

  1. Garki,
  2. Gudu,
  3. Gwagwalada,
  4. Gwarimpa,
  5. Wuse;
  6. Lugbe,
  7. Maitama,
  8. Kubwa and many more.

These locations can be tracked using Google map

Is Western Union Safe?

Now, a business that has lasted for a long period of 169 years don’t need to prove if they are real and safe because it has served a great deal of people over this time.

From this record, from our experience and from people’s testimonies, western union is very safe.

Western union in Nigeria


Western union in Nigeria is a every assured and domestic money transfer business which holds a lot of values in our homes.

Its services are guaranteed. Why not try it and see if it will not prove it worth to you too.

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