How to hack ATM card in Nigeria – recently, the internet was buzzing with video of a lady that went to the ATM to make some withdrawals.

There was this young man standing before her on the queue. When the time of the man came for withdrawal, he went straight to the ATM, pressed the buttons for about 2 minutes and stepped aside as in the case of someone that is having difficulty to withdraw.

The young lady who was next in line stepped up for her own withdrawal but few seconds into the withdrawal, the young man who stepped aside came back with a gesture that he was assisting the young lady.

Apparently he was trying to tell the Lady what to do so she will not get into the kind of problem he found himself in but not really…he started scamming the lady.

What baffled everyone was how easy it was for him to get the lady’s confidence and concurrence. He helped the lady for about 30 seconds and left.

It when he left that the lady reacted to the fact that she could not withdraw with her ATM card anymore. The young man was the owner of the lady’s ATM card from that time till the time she got help.

He could do whatever he want with the ATM card within that time frame.

This is why we brought to you all the topic – How to hack ATM card in Nigeria; see hacker’s secret you don’t know yet

How to hack ATM card in Nigeria
ATM Card Scam

The following will form our course outline:

  1. What is ATM card hacking?
  2. How to hack ATM card and get the pin in Nigeria
  3. How to hack ATM card pin in Nigeria
  4. Conclusion

What is ATM card hacking?

This is unauthorized physical or online takeover of one’s ATM card mainly for the purpose of fraudulent withdrawal from the account(s) the ATM card is primed to.

The hacker takes advantage of one’s carelessness, naivety, trust and sometimes love to perpetrate this act.

This will now take us to the next step which is…

How to hack ATM card and get the pin in Nigeria

There are many ways one’s ATM can be hacked. They are:

  1. Phishing
  2. Fraudulent Phone calls
  3. Card encryption
  4. Password Sharing
  5. Phone theft and Hacking


Phishing is a word that came from the word fishing.It is a technical way by which a hacker approach a target with baits just like one uses millipede or earthworms as a bait to catch fish in water.

 This they do by sending sweet but deceitful mails to you asking you to either update your records with them, correct wrong details, link your BVN, correct ATM card error.

In all this mails or even SMS, they will carefully ask for Your ATM card PIN, PAN, Password and so on.

The moment you release this to them, your ATM will be hacked and your account will be debited immediately.

Fraudulent Phone calls

This is similar to phishing except that phone calls are used now.

The hacker lie in wait for with all equipment set on “ready-to-use status”. The only thing delaying the completion of the hacking sequence is your personal information.

At this stage the hacker will put a call across and pretend to be from your bank. They will start by giving you what they have like your name, your BVN, your Address with hope to get from you what they don’t have like your PIN, CSV Number and the missing part of your PAN number as the case may be.

Once you deliver this to them, your account will be debited immediately.

Many have fallen victim to this type of scam.

Card encryption

This is a more advanced form of ATM card hacking in which a high tech equipment are used to reproduce an active prototype of the original card.

With this, the ATM card will be hacks as long as it take for the owner to realize this.

Password Sharing

There are some lazy practices we indulge in like having a personal confidant that we give access to our secrets like ATM PIN.

Others include saving our password in a phone that does not have a security lock or a phone many persons know its security lock.

In addition many have a secret book were they write down things like ATM PIN

These things are act of sharing one’s password with or without knowing it. PIN/Password must not be penned stored in the manner described above.

The best way to save password is to keep it in the vault of your heart.

Repeating password and using common Passwords

First thing a hacker is though is that PIN and password users are lazy. Because of this they go for passwords they can easily memorize like date of birth.

ATM Pin is a 4 digit stuff which makes it easy for hackers to get such person for instance such lazy persons that was born in 12th June 1970 may use 1970 as his or her ATM pin.

Such a person is an easy prey.

Phone theft and Hacking

Have you noticed that once your phone gets lost, the next thing you are going to be seeing is series of debit alerts.

The reasons are very simple.

When your phone get lost or stolen intentionally, hackers see such as a free deal without stress.

All they need is to lunch use USSD and move your fund or buy airtime as they want.

Even when your phone is pasworded, your SIM card is not. This means they either flash your phone or they will simply remove your SIM put in another phone and do the deal.

Now guess what happens when they are able to get your Mobile and internet banking passwords from the same phone….

From the above, you can now see in seconds how to hack ATM card in Nigeria and how you can avoid it.

How to hack ATM card in Nigeria
Secure your Password and PIN


The above topic is not to frighten you but to give you courage that these hackers are beatable.

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