Keystone internet banking – there is no doubt in the word that the only person that has a legal access to a building is the one with the key to the building.

So is every other aspect of life, establishments and designs.

We are here on this topic to hand over to you the key you have been missing in order to get hold of the internet banking ownership of Keystone Bank limited.

Keystone internet banking
The Key based new horizons

To understand this properly, please find below our key words on the above topic:

What is Keystone internet banking?

This is internet based banking platform for Keystone bank customer (both internal and external customers) which is done on Keystone bank Website.

This is a secured banking, payment and request platform for easy, convenient and a more personalized banking experience.

The platform is also known as Keystone bank online banking or Keystone online banking.

Keystone corporate internet banking

The Keystone bank corporate internet banking is just internet banking platform within the Keystone Bank Online banking designed specifically for corporate accounts like limited liability companies, Enterprise business registration and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

This is different what individual account holders’ use for their transactions. Individual account holders’ uses Keystone Personal online banking platform for their transactions.

Keystone internet banking registration / keystone online banking registration

No individual or company uses any bank’s internet application without undergoing registration process first.

In most cases, it is a very simple process and Keystone online banking registration is very simple too. Just do the following:

  1. Lunch the website
  2. Immediately you will see internet banking platform – Personal / Business once it is lunched.
  3. Click on the one you are eligible for either as individual or corporate.
  4. As a new person, click on Register / forget password.
  5. Create Username, Password and input the soft token you generated.
  6. When you are done, please submit.
  7. With this simple process you are done with the registration of your business account on Keystone bank online banking platform
  8. Same is applicable to individual registration.

We hope that you are well served on Keystone bank Nigeria internet banking registration.

Keystone bank internet banking token / keystone bank online banking code

Recall that for the above registration to be completed, a soft token was used.

This means that the use of a soft token is a must for both Keystone online banking registration and other transactions.

Below are the processes of generating Soft token for both Keystone online banking registration and other transactions.

  1. Lunch the play store application on your android phone by tapping on it.
  2. Once it opens, please type keystone bank M Token in the search area of the play store app.
  3. Select the keystone bank M Token with 5K+ downloads, 7.5MB and 3.8 starred and rated…verified by play protect.
  4. Click on install to start download and installation at once. This process is the same for Apple Store Downloads too.
  5. As for download through the official website of Keystone Bank, simply lunch the website and click on personal internet banking. Download the token either through Play Store or Apple Store.
  6. Once the download keystone bank M Token is completed, move on to the next step which is….
  7. Lunch the app and accept terms and agreement.
  8. Proceed to activation user ID and activation code
  9. Your keystone bank M Token will be generated.

Keystone bank internet banking login

This is very simple.

The guide below is enough to help you achieve all you want on Keystone internet banking login

  1. Lunch the website
  2. Immediately you will see internet banking platform – Personal / Business once it is lunched.
  3. Click on the one you are eligible for either as individual or corporate.
  4. Input your Username, Password and the soft token you generated.
  5. When you are done, please submit.
  6. This will unveil the world of Keystone online banking for both corporate or personal banking as the case may be.

With this you can see that keystone bank online login is easy.

Open keystone bank account online

This is another simple adventure with Keystone Online Banking with these easy steps below:

  1. Set the online platform up with your Keystone online banking logon details:
  2. Once you are logged on, please click on Open account Icon.
  3. Fill the electronic form opened before you and submit.
  4. You will be advised with account number immediately.

This answers the question of how do I open a Keystone bank account online?

Keystone internet banking
Keystone bank Limited


The benefits of this amazing piece of technology from Keystone bank are massive.

What is remaining is the usage and there also lies the testimonies.

Welcome to the online banking platform of Keystone bank Limited.

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