Polaris Agent Banking – in our previous topic where we discussed Polaris bank Transfer Code, we made it clear that Polaris bank Limited is the completion itself.

They are here to take over the fore front of Nigeria financial Tech services and to prove that, we will be discussing Polaris Agent Banking – Experience banking made easy with Polaris POS.

Polaris Agent Banking
Polaris Bank POS

To understand this further, we will be discussing the following subheadings. These are terminologies one needs to fully understand Polaris Agent Banking:

  1. POS in Nigeria and POS services in Nigeria
  2. Offline pos in Nigeria
  3. Android pos in Nigeria
  4. POS vending companies in Nigeria
  5. Polaris POS
  6. Polaris Agent Banking
  7. Conclusion.

POS in Nigeria and POS services in Nigeria

POS means Point of Sales. Before now, POS serves as a payment tools for a merchant for those that doesn’t have cash.

The concept of POS in Nigeria and POS services in Nigeria is a simple but complex one.

The POS acquirers (Banks) obtain POS from the POS issuers for onward delivery to POS merchants.

The POS merchants position the POS in his or her business outlet for use by customers. When a customer inserts his or her card and input his or her PIN, the customer will be debited.

After the debit a switch company is needed for the transfer of debit from suspense account to merchant’s account.

This is what is known as settlement. In modern times, this process described here happens so fast that one rarely notice any delay.

When it doesn’t happen this way, it will lead to failed and unsettled transactions.

Example of a switch and settlement company on POS Services in Nigeria is NIBSS (Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System). The above answers the question of what does a POS purchase mean?

Offline POS in Nigeria

 You may often hear the question where can I get offline POS in Nigeria or what is offline POS machine?

Offline POS is a POS that can work without the internet. It works by picking card’s details in the offline mode, stores it and uses it to debit the customer when the POS comes online.

The POS vending company that produces this type of POS is Pay Attitude.

Unfortunately Offline POS in Nigeria is not readily seen nor used because of the integrity issues with our user. Some Polaris POS

Android POS in Nigeria

Android POS in Nigeria is a POS that uses Android Mechanism to function just like an android phone.

Such POS functions with a touch screen too for a more robust experience.

POS vending companies in Nigeria

POS vending companies in Nigeria are companies whose primary work includes the outright manufacturing and sales of POS or the two as the case may be.

The POS vending companies in Nigeria are also known as the POS issuers.

They can be the direct manufacturing company or they may serve as the intermediary between the acquirers (Banks / Fin Tech Companies) and the manufacturer.

Are you still asking how do I get a POS machine in Nigeria? A visit to any of these POS vending companies in Nigeria will solve the problem.

Now the concept of Polaris POS

With the above positions on this topic, we will gladly bring on board the Polaris POS.

This is one of the POS in Nigeria and POS services in Nigeria under the keep and management of Polaris Bank Limited.

The Polaris Bank does not use Offline POS due the integrity reason cited earlier where customer withdraw against the money paid to them on trust in offline status.

Polaris Bank uses Android POS too which is more robust which enables screen touch transaction to be one on the POS.

Before POS are only stationed at Merchant’s location but currently they are used by Agents for Agent Banking which now takes us to…

Polaris Agent Banking

This is the street banking of Polaris bank Limited through the use of 3rd party clients called agents for the simple aim of taking banking the streets and door step of both Polaris Bank customers and non –customers.

The official name of this Polaris Agent Banking is SurePadi and the agent is called a Surepadi Agent

Payments and transactions are done through two means only:

  1. Polaris Bank Agent App
  2. Polaris POS / Polaris Bank Agent App POS

Polaris Bank Agent App

This is payment using Polaris bank official App to for the Agent banking.

To get this, simply do the following:

  1. Lunch Google Play Store on your phone
  2. On the search button please type Sure Padi
  3. Download the 11MB, 3.8 stared and 5k+ downloaded app
  4. Register and …
  5. Off you go.

Polaris POS / Polaris Bank Agent App POS

This is a POS that is designed to serve the purpose of the Polaris banking Street banking transactions.

The POS can be Android POS but it is cannot be an Offline POS. the Polaris POS does the following:

  1. Cash withdrawal
  2. Cash deposit
  3. Fund Transfers
  4. Quick Teller transactions like DSTV and GoTV payments.

All settlements on this are done by NIBSS (Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System).

How do I become a Polaris POS agent?

You don’t need to worry about how do I get Polaris bank POS or how to get POS Machine from Polaris bank as an agent because it must definitely be given to you.

The best inquiry on this is How do I become a Polaris POS agent?

Becoming a Polaris POS agent or Polaris Bank POS agent is very simple. All you need to do is to visit any Polaris bank of your Choice, apply for Polaris POS agent or Polaris Bank POS agent and submit all the necessary documents.

With these documents a 501 account class will be opened for you and advised to you too.

The agent will first download the SurePadi App and commence the agent banking with it after which the POS will be sent later.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Polaris bank Agent Banking Charges

The Polaris POS charges are unique. Polaris bank Charges 0.75% of the transacted amount on all their POS agent banking transactions

Polaris Agent Banking
Agent at work


Polaris Agent Banking is one of the best of such banking in the Nigeria. This has given many jobs now and taken many out the street. Whether as a customer or as an agent, it pays well.

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