Quickteller Nigeria – Have you had about Financial Technology companies (Fin-Tech Companies) before?

Well if you have not, we will do justice to that by bring before you the tech based services of Quickteller Nigeria.

Quickteller Nigeria
Quick Teller

To fully discuss this to your perfect understanding, the following will form our basic course guidelines:

  1. What is Quickteller Nigeria
  2. Quickteller Registration
  3. How do I activate Quickteller?
  4. How do you use a Quick Teller?
  5. Quickteller app
  6. Quickteller loan in Nigeria
  7. Quick Teller Contacts
  8. Conclusion.

What is the meaning of Quickteller Nigeria?

You may be wondering the answer to the question what is a quick teller?

This is the payment service arm of the Nigerian based Financial Technology Company (Fin-Tech Company) known as Interswitch through which they render their various payment services mostly through cards and Apps services in agreement with the CBN laws.

The above is also provides the answer to the question what is the difference between interswitch and Quickteller? Interswitch is the Company while Quickteller is one of its numerous services.

This company was founded by John Maguire and it has it’s headquarter in Lagos.

The above is the summary of what is Quick teller all about.

Quickteller is easy to get going with but to start using it, you must do something first which takes us to:

Quickteller Registration

This is serves mostly for men and women that wish to become Quickteller pay point agents.

To achieve this you need to do these simple things.

  1. Visit www.quickteller.com/paypoint or lunch www.quickteller.com and click on paypoint
  2. This will take you Quickteller online agent form.
  3. Fill the form, submit and fulfill all the post registration requirements. With this you are registered.

Alternative to this, you can visit any Quickteller service office to do the needful.

How do I activate Quickteller?

This is the mostly applicable to individual users of quickteller services at various paypoints like POS, ATM, Quickteller Online platform and Agent PayPoints.

Let do it the ATM way here.

  1. Visit your branch ATM or other ATM (…but we advise you use your branch ATM)
  2. Insert card and put your PIN.
  3. Under payment options, please choose quick teller
  4. Next…select pay bills
  5. Under account type, please choose others
  6. Payment code will be required, then put 322222 – a default payment code
  7. Also input your phone number on reference basis
  8. …and submit.

How do you use a Quick Teller?

After activation as individual or registration as POS pay point agent, the next thing will be the actual using of the quickteller itself.

We start by:

How do I fund my Quickteller wallet?

Wallet funding is for both the Agent and the individual users. As an agent you need to fund your wallet so that you can have a purse of fund from where you attend to your customers.

As an individual you can have a personal quickteller wallet but most often, our quickteller transactions as individual are connected directly to the bank account of the ATM card we are performing the transaction with.

The only way your individual wallet fund works (where all your transactions hit your wallet pool of funds without having to hit your bank account) is when you secure the services of customized Quickteller Card (more of a quickteller Credit card) where this fund is housed for your use by Quickteller before issuance to you.

Now when the fund in this wallet is low, you will simply visit Quickteller office again for a refill.

Quickteller transfer and Payments

Have you asked yourself the following questions?

  1. How do I withdraw money from Quickteller?
  2. Can I transfer money with Quickteller?
  3. How do I receive money from Quickteller?
  4. How much can you transfer through Quickteller?

Now the above are the very services Quick teller provides. You can withdraw or recieve from a registered agent or using either your bank card or your customized Quickteller card on ATMs.

For withdrawal via agent please visit the agent stand. Transaction via ATM is the same as the normal ATM withdrawal except that you have to choose Quickteller and the request / the bill you need to pay on the ATM and same is applicable to transfers. The above steps till applies Quickteller DSTV payment Nigeria too.

That is the concept of DSTV Quickteller Nigeria. Learn more on this via www quickteller com ng dstv

Finally on this Interswitch set transfer limits on Quick teller as N1m but this can be further regulated by Nigeria banks. For instance, you can see a bank that further reduces this from N1m to N500,000.00.

Quickteller app:

This is an application designed to meet the Quickteller service requests by their customers. With this App you can perform all your Quickteller transactions like payments, withdrawal and transfers.

This application is in the Google Play Store for easy download, installation and use.

Quickteller loan in Nigeria

Quickteller has extended its services from payments to loan issuance to its customers

To get this you must be a registered member of Quickteller family.

You can secure this load through these means:

  1. The USSD application *3226# and follow the prompt
  2. Through the Quickteller mobile banking App discussed above
  3. Though their website and
  4. Pay a visit to their offices

Quick Teller Contacts

In other to visit Quick teller offices in Nigeria and fulfill the above request or more, the guide below might helpful.

Quickteller customer care Nigeria is all you need for this and you can get them via this line – 01-7004347.

You can also email them via: ifiscustomercare@interswitchgroup.com

Quickteller Nigeria
Card Payments made quicker


Quickteller Nigeria is certainly a good one out of many in Nigeria. What we don’t know is if you are aware it can save you a fortune.

Let’s have your view on this.

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