MasterCard in Nigeria – possibly, you have heard about MasterCard transactions and the god things people say about all over but we are here to make the knowledge you have about MasterCard to be complete.

Without much wasting of your time, we will make this short and straight for adequate knowledge impact with possible shortest time.

MasterCard in Nigeria

Our major course outlines here are:

The Concept of MasterCard in Nigeria:

MasterCard is American multinational financial services company with its headquarters in New York also maintaining $13 Billion revenue.

They offer their financial services by providing payment cards for their customers, partners and many others which they use either on Automated Teller machines (ATM), Point of Sales (POS), Online Purchases and other various payment outlets.

MasterCard is very vast such that a discussion of this vast magnitude will take sheets hence the reason we are discussing MasterCard in Nigeria.

To that effect we will start with:

What is Naira MasterCard?

This is the Nigeria Naira denominated credit card or debit card MasterCard issued by Nigerian banks to its customer under certain terms and conditions to be used for their financial transactions on Automated Teller machines (ATM), Point of Sales (POS), Online Purchases and other various payment outlets.

Now you don’t need to ask again can I use my MasterCard in Nigeria, can I use my MasterCard at any ATM or where can I withdraw money from my MasterCard because with the above options payments can be made without visiting the bank in Nigeria.

This is not just only payments within Nigeria but payment outside Nigeria which answers the question is MasterCard accepted everywhere and can I use my Naira MasterCard abroad?

From the above analysis, you can see that MasterCard is not only a Credit card but also a debit card with the answer to the question is MasterCard a debit card to be “YES

As to the inquiries on what banks use MasterCard, it might interest you to know that virtually all the banks in Nigeria uses MasterCard. We cannot remember any Bank in Nigeria that does not use Master card.

Finally on this, your worries and inquiries on can I transfer money from my MasterCard to bank account is settled especially with MasterCard Credit card.

How many types of MasterCard are there?

Many types of MasterCard exist in Nigeria hence the origin of the question what are the different types of Mastercards?

We have the following types of MasterCard:

  1. World Elite MasterCard
  2. World MasterCard
  3. Platinum MasterCard
  4. Gold MasterCard
  5. Triangular MasterCard
  6. Virtual MasterCard Nigeria

On this topic, the first three are very common among users; we will be focusing on Triangle MasterCard and Virtual MasterCard Nigeria

What is Triangle MasterCard?

We are concerned with this because of massive movements of Nigerians to Canada and we believe the must know about this MasterCard before they land in Canada for easy life.

Triangle MasterCard is a design of World Elite MasterCard which permits virtual all Canadian from all works of life to enjoy benefits of Tire Money, privileges of certain shops and stores and the goodwill of many gas stations that are MasterCard’s partners in Canada.

Taking you further on this, the question of can I withdraw money from Triangle MasterCard should not be a worry to you because it functions like every other ATM card – Debit or Credit cards alike.

From this you can be assured of the answer to the question is triangle MasterCard a credit card. It is a MasterCard that can serve both purposes either as Credit card or Debit card.

It pays from pool of fund credited to it is as in credit card or straight from your bank account as in Debit card.

I asked myself can I use triangle MasterCard anywhere but then the answer came from various experiences.

One can use triangle MasterCard anywhere but the benefits varies too for instance you earn 4% on Canadian Tire money for your deals at Canadian Tire, you earn 3% Canadian Tire Money on Grocery Spending excluding Walmart Stores and Costco and finally you earn 1% on purchases in any other place.

Please don’t allow queries like what credit score do you need for Triangle MasterCard, what is the limit on a triangle MasterCard or what credit score do you need for Canadian Tire MasterCard bother you. There is no such thing and even if there is, it is very minimal without worth. This service is readily available…just go grab it.

From the above, you can now see that you don’t need to ask the question is the triangle MasterCard worth it? The worth is vast and it is better experienced that imagined.

Virtual MasterCard Nigeria

This is a digital online shopper’s MasterCard designed for financial transactions without having to use the physical MasterCard itself.

This card aids fundamental online shoppers to use this card for security reasons instead of using other cards that are linked to their major bank accounts.

This card serves as alternative when you forget your card at home but want to make an urgent internet purchases.

Security of MasterCard:

Have you heard about MasterCard SecureCode? Kept wondering what it is right?

Let start with this…

What is a MasterCard secure code?

This is a 3D security payment system for MasterCard Credit cards which verifies the authenticity of the owner of a particular MasterCard credit card by allowing the real owner a space to input a security code.

Imputation of the correct security code grants the user access to further transactions with the card.

You don’t need to bother yourself with how many digits is a MasterCard SecureCode; the MasterCard Secure Code contains only 6 digits.

On how does MasterCard SecureCode work, this is very simple. It works like token, PIN and password. All you need to do is to put the 6 digits in its space and you are confirmed.

Now I can hear the next questions in your mind which are:

  1. MasterCard SecureCode safe? and
  2. Is MasterCard SecureCode mandatory?

MasterCard SecureCode is very safe and it is key to every successful and secured MasterCard transactions. It comes to your mobile phone as SMS and as onetime password.

Finally you should know that every card based transaction is PIN/Token or password protected. This means that MasterCard SecureCode is mandatory where you don’t have normal card PIN.

You love this right? I will lead you through the next level which is how do I get a MasterCard SecureCode? Please all you need to do is to visit your Card issuing bank and this will be taken care of immediately.

Before we wrap it up here, it is very important here to note that you can unblock, remove or change MasterCard Secure Code. Learn it here:

  1. How do I unblock my MasterCard?
  2. How do I remove MasterCard SecureCode?
  3. How do I change my MasterCard secure code?

Recall that from the beginning we said that for you to get this secure code, you will have to see your Card issuing Bank. Same is applied if you want to do any of the following above…just visit your bank.

MasterCard Operational Countries:

MasterCard as an entity has a slogan that reads, “Worldwide acceptance; meet 24 hours banking”.

This goes a long way to answer the question where is MasterCard debit accepted, why is MasterCard not accepted and what places dont accept MasterCard?

MasterCard is accepted worldwide for all transactions. The only limitation you may have is whether your bank or other bank’s ATM / POS are in partnership with MasterCard either here in Nigeria or outside the country.

What banks need to do worldwide is to connect to the services of MasterCard. On the other hands MasterCard can embark on corporate marketing to get banks to deal with them.

MasterCard Transactional Limits and Charges:

There is a little controversy here. From the daily ATM and POS usages one will observe that the limit allowed on MasterCard is not the limit we witness on our ATM and POS transactions.

The daily limit one can withdraw on ATM in Nigeria with MasterCard is N160,000.00 ($500.00) which equally answers the question what is the highest amount you can withdraw from ATM in Nigeria but MasterCard allows a maximum daily ATM withdrawal of $2,500.00 (N800,000.00)

From this you can see that what is the limit of MasterCard is not what is applicable in Nigeria. This is regulated by the Central bank of Nigeria in relation to effect on the Naira.

How does a MasterCard work?

MasterCard works with ATM, POS and on online platforms. All one needs to do is to insert ones ATM in the machine, provide ones Pin and make your financial requests thereafter.

After each transaction a receipt is issued to the customer. This is how do I know if my MasterCard is working and this answers the question on how does prepaid MasterCard work?

There are times when transaction with MasterCard does not go as required which makes customers to ask why is my MasterCard Not working online or why is my MasterCard debit card being declined?

This could be caused by the following:

  1. Issues with Network provider
  2. Hotlisted cards
  3. Damaged cards
  4. Hacked ATM card
  5. Poor card usage knowledge.

When this happens and you cannot resolve it, please contact your bank. Ask your bank rep simple question, “Can I use prepaid MasterCard online?” The answer you will get is yes of course…and a solution will be offered immediately.

Billing zip code for MasterCard in Nigeria

What are the benefits of MasterCard?

I guess you have asked yourself the following questions too:

  1. Can I withdraw cash from my go MasterCard??
  2. Can I use prepaid MasterCard to pay credit card?
  3. Can I deposit a prepaid MasterCard into my bank account?
  4. Can I use my GO MasterCard for everyday purchases?

The answers to these questions are the benefits of MasterCard. MasterCard allows you to fulfill all the above enquires without sweat. What more other benefits can one want.

How do I get a MasterCard?

Do you need a MasterCard now…just visit your Bank and get the new services of MasterCard Instant card.

It is an assured service in Nigerian Banks now.

MasterCard in Nigeria


From the above, please stop bothering yourself on the  

  1. How do I put money on my prepaid MasterCard? (Answer: Visit your bank)
  2. How can I withdraw money from my MasterCard without my PIN?  (Answer: Employ the services of your bank’s ATM Cardless withdrawal)
  3. How long does a MasterCard payment take?  (Answer: Less than a minute)
  4. How do I check how much money I have on my MasterCard? (Answer: Use your bank ATM, POS, Your Banks USSD Code, your banks Mobile banking platform, your banks internet platform and finally visit your bank’s customer service agent)

Finally when you are out of cash and the bank is too far from you, please reload your MasterCard credit card through MasterCard repower.

This is MasterCard online platform that allows you to reload your prepaid card with cash. This provides answer to the question what is MasterCard rePower?

Visit their website for more.

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