Betking mobile –in our last blog, we treated this topic shop bet9ja old mobile; bet9ja cash out and bet9ja codes and odds for you.

Today, we are treating this topic – Betking mobile – the improved Betking old mobile in wwwbetking com.

The above two are the leading betting shops in Nigeria for now and we are here to teach you basic things you must know if you still wish to play here.

Betking mobile

The under listed are our basic sub topics:

About Betking

Let’s starts with what is BetKing all about? It is a betting house like Bet9ja in which the owner intends that interested persons from 18 years and above would come to tryout their games forecast and prediction ability with one’s free cash hopingthat such person would get more return if he / she wins or avoid depression id he or she loses since the bet is always made with free money.

As it concerns who is D owner of BetKing? There is no clear cut answer on this for now. Some information has it that this bet house is jointly owned by Austin Okocha and Adekunle Adeniji.

Other source says that Adekunle Adeniji cofounded it with another unmentioned person while Austin Okocha is merely a branch ambassador.

Please without wasting much time on this, let’s get down to business.

This is operated through Betking shop aka (shop betking or Betking mobile shop).

Betkingshop is basically an online outfit where all betking customers connect to play their games hence the name betking online.

It was formerly Betking old mobile (old betking or old mobile betking) before it gave way for the new and more robustBetking new mobile (mobile betking)        

The aim is to make people feel comfortable and book game with ease.

How do I download BetKing?

There two ways one can download Betking App

One is through the:

  1. Google Play store
  2. Website of Betking

Google Play store

This is just like every other App download. Please follow these simple steps to get the App downloaded.

  1. Go to Google play store in your android phone.
  2. Type Betking mobile app  in the play store search area
  3. Choose the betking application
  4. Click on download / install
  5. Lunch / open it for use after download / installation

Isn’t that simple on how can I open a bet9ja account on my phone? That takes us to the next phase which is…

Website of Betking

This is easily achieved by login into the wwwbetking, betkingcom or betking ng

This betking website contains App download icon in which a click downloads and install the App to your phone.

You can also do this using betkinglite; a lower MB betking that allows easier access surfing and browsing.

Betking login

After download, installation and registration the next thing is to login. This is done using the User ID and password generated during registration.

You can now see the answer on how do I log into Bettking?

Once a successful login is achieved, you can then book your games which then takes us to the next phase…

Betking prediction

This is the aspect that deals with game forecast and setting for possible bet using teams current form, team’s number of wins, team’s number of loses, team’s number of draws, team’s number of clean sheets and other game statistics.

Some of the things one can do under Betking prediction are:

  1. Betking prediction for today’s matches
  2. Betking prediction tomorrow
  3. Betking football prediction
  4. Real betking prediction
  5. Betking prediction code generation
  6. Betking sure prediction
  7. Betkinglivescore
  8. Betking correct score

Before going further on this, we will like to handle how one can fund Betking account hence the sub topic…

How do I deposit money on BetKing?

For the purpose of betting, money can be paid into ones account through these means.

  1. Direct cash deposit
  2. Via USSD payments by dialing the Betking USSD code of your bank and follow the prompts.
  3. Through Pay Direct platform by clicking on Bet9ja Platform and do the account crediting.
  4. From one Betking account to another.

This now leads us to how do I transfer money from one BetKing account to another Betking account?

Do the following:

  1. Login with your User ID and Password
  2. Go to User area menu
  3. Select Inter account which displays Betking fund transfer page
  4. Make sure the Fund transfer page is active.
  5. Select Sub account user ID
  6. Choose deposit or withdraw depending on the one you want to do
  7. Input amount and submit.

The above steps equally provide an answer to the question how do I withdraw money from my BetKing account or can I withdraw my bonus on BetKing?

In case you are wondering what is the maximum winning on BetKing; it is a whooping sum of N40m while the answer to how much is minimum withdrawal from BetKing is N5,000.00

Secondly on the question does BetKing pay if one game cut your ticket the answer is yes however terms and conditions apply on that too.

Don’t bug yourself with enquiries like do BetKing pay on weekends because all days are pay day with betking.

Finally, if you must know the answer to how long does it take BetKing to pay; it still falls between seconds and minutes.

Betking Code and Odds:

This is what determines the potential wins by a Betkingplayer. They are numbers attached to bet options which determine the amount of money one wins if one bets agree with match results.

After this is played a Betking coupon which contains the Betking code also known as the slip is generated. 

With this you can now see the answer to the question how do I check my Betking account?

Simple put the Betking Coupon number in the space provided for booked games and submit to display all your games.

Successful games will be green while unsuccessful cheques will be red.

Betking cash out

This is an option that allows one to take a lesser percentage of his pay when most games have played in his or her favor remaining and only few games which could still mar the chances of will the bet are remaining.

Betking cash outmust be done fast and in good time so that the grace period will not be marred by the next minute results in the game hence the answer to the questionIs there cash out in BetKing?

How do I become a BetKing agent?

We will be going into details on what do I need to become a betking agent here and they include:

  1. A shop located in a busy area which can contain 5 cashiers
  2. At least two Televisions
  3. 3 laptops or Desktop computers
  4. 2 bet printers
  5. Quality Internet availability
  6. Generator Supply
  7. A compulsory 8 pole distance from other bet9ja shop

What are the benefits of becoming a BetKing agent?

Are you planning on becoming agent? There is no shame in that at all because a lot of benefits are attached to it. They include:

  1. An initial starting capital of N25,000.00 excluding equipment for low income persons.
  2. Betking support with 100% money value on the starting capital
  3. Bonus on turnover per week and per month.
  4. 30% commission or more on the agents deals
  5. Good odds for games and virtual
  6. Betking support on the agents with necessary equipment.

You can see that you are not losingat all. It is better than being idle.

How much does it cost to be a BetKing agent?

Considering the number of equipment needed for effective running of a betking shop which includes: A shop located in a busy area which can contain 5 cashiers, At least two Televisions sets, 3 laptops or Desktop computers, 2 bet printers, Quality Internet availability, Generator Supply; the estimated cumulative cost based on one’s taste is N800,000.00

Does BetKing have virtual?

Betking runs virtual betting which is bets on non-human games. Virtual games can be described as programmed games played between set of programed opponents or between a computer and an individual.

The beauty of Betking virtual is that the money used for in it for bets that produces no result, bets with incorrect results or that went bad due to IT related issues are always returned to the customer.

How do you rebet on BetKing?

To rebet a bet on Bet King, please do the following:

  1. Using your User ID and Password, login into your account
  2. Click the ‘Rebet‘ button.
  3. This will reload your bet slip.
  4. Confirm the reload
  5. Place the bet after that.

Betking customer care

You may wish to express your either satisfaction or disservice from your experience with Betking.

You may also wish to ask for help on how to do your things on the platform from the betking customer care number.

Please find below contact channels for the transaction:

  1. Email:
  2. Customer care line: 01-2777247
  3. WhatsApp: 09014777247
  4. website:
Betking mobile


Please we will conclude the way we concluded on Bet9ja blog.

Please note that this write up is not a proposal that we fully support betting as an investment but just as a guide for our many followers that are into it for now to avoid huge loss and depression.

You are important to us dear.

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