Shop bet9ja old mobile – let’s start this way on this subject. What is your view on the above topic?

How do you see bet9ja? As a Ponzi Scheme, as a gambling, as an investment or as fun play?

How does your religious belief affect your approach to this? Is bet9ja a sin to you?

Some religion sees it as gambling and surely it possesses many gambling traits…gambling as you know is not a Christian virtue.

One good and sure thing about Bet9ja is that in as much as it has wrecked some finances, it has blessed and lifted many. Simply put no matter how bad you see Bet9ja to be, it is far better that stealing.

This and other questions raised above are what will trigger our concerns on the above subject but without wasting much time we will like to address them in this blog.

Shop bet9ja old mobile

What is bet9ja?

This is a betting shop in which the owner intends that interested persons from 18 years and above would come to tryout their games forecast and prediction ability with ones free cash with hope that such a person would get more money in return if he / she wins or avoid depression id he or she loses since the bet is always made with free money.

You might be hearing these questions – who is owner of bet9ja or Is Victor Ikpeba the owner of bet9ja?

The fact is that this betting house is owned by Kunle Soname but holds Victor Ikpeba as its brand ambassador.

As you still having issues with the query is bet9ja legal in Nigeria? Please note that Bet9ja is a legal entity that is duly registered and licensed under the Lagos state lottery board.

The concept bet9ja old mobile / Shop bet9ja old mobile

You might have heard the question how can I bet my bet9ja old mobile; well we are here for its full analysis.

Bet9ja old mobile / Shop bet9ja old mobile is the old plat form used by bet9ja customers to book their games.

It is the online shop and a URL known as old mobile bet9ja site that leads to login page from where one gets to the betting and other pages.

However, a new bet9ja has emerged which is more robust than the former.

From here, we go to the next step which is…

Bet9ja mobile app

This is a piece of technological application that allows one to access bet9ja platform and places his or her game requests / inquiries without necessary visiting bet9ja online shop.

This settles the curiosity on the question does bet9ja have a mobile app because they surely do.

To own a Bet9ja mobile app, please do the following:

  1. Go to Google play store in your android phone.
  2. Type Bet9ja mobile app  in the play store search area
  3. Choose the bet9ja application
  4. Click on download / install
  5. Lunch / open it for use after download / installation

Isn’t that simple on how can I open a bet9ja account on my phone? That takes us to the next phase which is…

Bet9ja login / bet9ja mobile login

Please proceed to registration and take care of this question how can I get my bet9ja user ID?

This you will do by choosing a unique User ID the system recognizes with for login. This is followed by choosing a Password. This User ID is your name in the house which answers the question what is bet9ja customer ID?

Other things like phone numbers and date of birth are supplied here too.

With these two – User ID and Password, all that is remaining will be to login by simply typing in your User ID and password.

Bet9ja prediction

Bet9ja predictions uses team current form, team wins, team losses, team draws, team goals, team clean sheets, and many other empirical soccer facts to determine the outcome of a game after 90 minutes.

For a successful participation in this betting game, you must be good with predictions and be able to answer yourself when it comes to questions like how can I win bet9ja predictions?

Through such predictions, one may be able to get the following bet9ja match prediction:

  1. Bet9ja VIP sure soccer prediction
  2. Bet9ja sure game
  3. Raise free bet9ja booking code for today
  4. Bet9ja games for today
  5. Bet9ja sure games for today
  6. Bet9ja tomorrow games
  7. Bet9ja fixed matches for today
  8. Sure bet9ja booking code for today matches
  9. Bet9ja booking code for weekend
  10. Weekend bet9ja booking code
  11. Bet9ja game code for today
  12. Bet9ja weekend games
  13. Bet9ja today match prediction
  14. bet9ja booking game for today
  15. sure games for today bet9ja
  16. bet9ja sure games today
  17. Bet9ja livescore

Please remember that sure bet9ja game is a game that deals on the exactness and correctness of your booked predictions. In Sure bet9ja game, you must not guess instead you will give a clear cut standing on a game.

Bet9ja booking

This is the imputation of the ones game predictions on the bet9ja platform for a chance to win a return or bonus.

Booking can only be successful if you know how to place your odds in your predictions.

You are bound to be a loser if don’t know this part very well and this takes us to…

Bet9ja codes and odds

Bet9ja odds are score points or basis that determines what ones success and the amount one gets in any booked game.

The odd bet9ja differs for several predictions but the bottom line is that your predictions pay you the amount attached to its odds.

Practical explanation of Odds

From the above we will try to explain what does 1.5 mean in bet9ja?

This means that you predicted and also booked that more than one goal will be scored in a game.

Also in answering the question what does 1×2 mean in bet9ja? It means that you predicted and booked a draw game

When one asks what does GG NG 2+ means in bet9ja, please note that GG (Goal Goal) means both teams to score while NG means No Goal from either side.

We guess you have heard these questions too what is split bet in Bet9Ja or what does split bet means in bet9ja? This simply means that playing two bet options in one game.

It is just like playing GG and NG Real Madrid versus Barcelona.

The above is opposite of Multiple bet which is predicting and booking more than one game at a time.

Finally on what is the meaning of 4 folds in bet9ja; you must know that it is either a single bet or multiple bet with either 4 odd selections or 4 games selections respectively

The masterly of the above on Shop bet9ja old mobile determines how:

  1. Who is the highest winner in bet9ja?
  2. How can I win bet9ja?
  3. How can I win bet9ja everyday?

Having known about booking and odds, please find below things you must do before you proceed to booking:

Funding ones’ Bet9ja account

I know you are familiar with this FAQ how do I fund my bet9ja account?

The truth is that you can do it through:

Through USSD

Before you can answer the question how do I fund my bet9ja account with USSD code you must first find out if your Bank has a dedicated USSD code for this service.

For instance UBA has *919*22*User ID# which is followed by the UBA pin and the option to select account.

For GTBank all you do is dial *737*50*amount*46# followed by the selection of User ID and the last 4 digits of your ATM.

The above settles the question how do I fund my bet9ja account with gt3 737?

In providing an answer to the question how do I deposit money into my bet9ja account using Zenith Bank; please dial *966*6*2389#; select your user ID; input amount; select account number to be debited and submit.

Finally on how do I fund my bet9ja account with Diamond Bank which is now known as Access Bank, please visit the branch and do a direct cash deposit to your Bet9ja account

Via Quickteller

People also make inquiry in how do I fund my bet9ja account with Quickteller?

Visit a nearby ATM and insert your card and put your PIN. Please select quickteller options and finally select Bet9ja and follow the prompts till the end.

Transfer from Bet9ja to Bet9ja Account

I know you have come across this question how can I transfer my bet9ja account to another bet9ja account?

This is simple too. Please do the following:

  1. Using your User ID and password, please login to bet9ja platform
  2. Click on the Avatar picture and finally
  3. Click on the transfer of fund.
  4. Select the User ID you want to transfer to
  5. Enter PIN and send.

From the above we believe you don’t need to bother yourself anymore on how can I deposit money into my bet9ja account?

One major benefit of funding ones account and keeping it liquid is that it attracts bonus fund from Bet9ja.

The above is one sure answer on how can I get free bonus on bet9ja?

Bet9ja coupon

This is the slip that is generated at the end of each booking which contains all the games one booked.

Each bet comes with a Bet slip number also called coupon number. It is this number that one uses to check ones games hence a sure answer to the question how can I check my bet 9ja result, how can I check my bet9ja old mobile coupon and how can I check my bet9ja booking code?

Simply type the booking code in its space and submit. This will display your games for a success or failure review.

Cash out bet9ja

Cashout in bet9ja is an option that allows one to take a lesser pay when most games have played in his or her favor remaining only few games that will make such person to go empty handed should the game fails entirely.

Cash out on bet9ja are done fast and in good time so that the grace period will not be marred by the next minute results in the game.

Shop bet9ja old mobile
Bet9ja cash out icon

Bet9ja cashout rules

Bet9ja cashout rules are simple and they include:

  1. Cash out must be done fast since it expired with the next outcome
  2. Cash out are not done on games played with bonus cash hence the answer to the question Can I cash out my bet9ja bonus?
  3. Cash is an act of magnanimity or business strategy of Bet9ja which they can take out anytime too.

Please it might interest you to know that a long rope of what you can win in a day on Bet9ja though the maximum payout on Bet9ja in a day is N10B which equally answers the question how much is bet9ja maximum payout?

If the cumulative wins per day surpasses this, your win will not be lost but may be paid in tranches till the next day.

As it concerns how much can bet9ja pay or how much can I withdraw from my bet9ja account, please note that the maximum eligible payout per person in a day is N50M however you can withdraw up to a minimal amount of N1,000.00 too

Bet9ja withdrawals:

We have hope for you on how do I withdraw from bet9ja. Please do the following:

  1. Using your User ID and Password log on the bet9ja website
  2. Click on withdrawals
  3. Input your account information
  4. Submit when you are done.

This credit you in seconds which defines how long does it take bet9ja to pay withdrawals?

With the above narrative, you now have the answers on how do I withdraw money from bet9ja mobile?

Bet9ja virtual game

This is animated games highly programmed and loaded into the system often played either between two persons or a person and computer.

People now bet on such games too and win money according to its odds. Some people make of odd bets on Bet9ja virtual game too to make more money.

We don’t believe in cheating to win a game because once that is done, the pride in the victory is gone. This is why we cannot give you a straight answer on how can I cheat on bet9ja virtual? This is secondly why we don’t preach bet9ja virtual cheat and bet9ja cheat

However the best way to cheat it to monitor your opponent loose ends; weakness and flaws because it is hard to steal from a man that is awake.

This is true for both human and system opponents.

Apart from the above, you can also deal this blows on how can I win bet9ja virtual by mastering the games, its tactics and its dark arts.

How can I play bet9ja virtual on mobile phone?

How do I set up a bet9ja shop?

Setting up a bet9ja shop is quite simple. You’ve got no big deal doing that. Please do the following:

  1. Make a written declaration of intention to Bet9ja
  2. Submit necessary and required documents
  3. Submitted document and the chosen location must undergo review
  4. Conversation between the agent and Bet9ja field staff
  5. Signing of necessary documents
  6. Commencement of business with support and monitoring from Bet9ja.

When the question of how much does it cost to become a bet9ja agent or how much does it cost to be a bet9ja agent come up many simply walk away.

This is simple compared to what you will find out as how much do bet9ja agents earn monthly?

To set up a bet9ja business, you need an average of N450,000.00 with premises rent excluded.

This will be for the purchase of computers, chairs, air conditioners, workmanship and other premises beautifications projects.

No how much do bet9ja agents earn monthly; the payment structure of Bet9ja agents is clear. Agents are paid from 2% to 20% of bets played in such agents shop. This means that an agent is as rich as his or her customer base is.

How do I complain to bet9ja?

Do you have a compliant to make on Shop bet9ja old mobile? Are you bugging yourself on how can I contact bet9ja customer service?

Are you still seeking out an answer to what is bet9ja customer care number on Shop bet9ja old mobile?

You can simply get is all by visiting the contact us page of bet9ja official website.

Please get back to us if you have any challenge doing that.

Shop bet9ja old mobile


Please note that this write up Shop bet9ja old mobile is not a proposal that we fully support betting as an investment but just as a guide for our many followers that are into it for now to avoid huge loss and depression.

You are important to us dear.

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