Ecobank Agency Banking – street banking has been the other of the day. In fact agency banking has given to Nigerian youths what federal government has not given the youths in years.

It is called employment. Yes agency banking has given us a hope to toss some coin, feed our home, and provide shelter by simply selling banking services in the streets.

For those who have found such benefits in Ecobank Agency Banking; here is the sub topics that can make you benefit more:

  1. What is Ecobank Agency Banking or Ecobank Agent Banking?
  2. What is Ecobank Xpress point?
  3. Importance of Ecobank Agent Banking
  4. How do I get an Ecobank POS?
  5. Conclusion.
Ecobank Agency Banking

What is Ecobank Agency Banking or Ecobank Agent Banking?

Ecobank Agency Banking also known as and referred to as Ecobank Agent Banking is the street banking of Ecobank in which a 3rd party dealer also known as an agent is appointed to sell the products and services of Ecobank in the street, major road, nooks and crannies.

These agents can be any sex – male and female alike are worthy to be taken as agent.

Any Ecobank agent must be able to operate in the Ecobank way. He or she must be able to sell Ecobank Mission statement, Vision statements and core values to the customers.

Finally this Ecobank Agent Banking services are sold to both Ecobank customers and non customers alike since they are using the POS which works like an ATM.

These agents are also called Ecobank Xpress point agent whichtakes us to our next topic…

What is Ecobank Xpress point?

Ecobank Xpress Point is the street or the high way shop from where Ecobank Agent performs and conducts his or her Ecobank Agency Banking or Ecobank Agent Banking.

It must not be a building or an office of sort. A table, a chair and a safe situated in a nice location (Street or Road side) is good for a start.

A kiosk can equally do a nice office work on the agency banking.

With this we believe you are ripe for the next step which is…

Importance of Ecobank Agent Banking

The importance, roles, works or jobs of Ecobank Agent Banking are vast but we will be treating selected few:

Opening of Xpress Account

One of the major works of an EcoBank agent is to open Xpress account. Xpress account is an Ecobank account opened with very minimal or no documentation.

With this account one can commence banking transaction immediately the account is opened and customer advised with the number too.

The above serves the purpose of answering the question of what is Ecobank Xpress account all about and how can I use Ecobank Xpress account?

Ecobank Rapid Transfer (RapidTransfer)

What is rapid transfer? At least that’s the question many asked which you might be asking right now too.

This is a fast and speedy transfer option from Ecobank to either Ecobank customers or other banks’ customers.

Ecobank agents hold an app that makes this transfer seamless.

All you need to do is to visit an Ecobank Agent’s shop and do the following:

  1. Fill a rapid transfer form
  2. Submit a valid means of identification
  3. Pay in the transfer amount plus fees, commission and charges
  4. The agent selects Rapid transfer option on his or her POS and consummates the transaction.
  5. A reference number is given to you for delivery to the intended beneficiary.
  6. The beneficiary walks into the bank or another Ecobank’s agent location and fills rapid transfer receipt form.
  7. The Ecobank Agent processes and pays the beneficiary.

This is very easy right and it provides answers to the question how does Ecobank Rapid Transfer work and how do I use Rapid Transfer?

Others include Ecobank Cashless payment through which an Ecobank customer pays for all purchase by just a simple swipe of one’s ATM card…not cash though a POS.

This now takes us to the next phase which is…

How do I get an Ecobank POS?

This is simple as an Ecobank Agent. All you need to do is to apply to work as an Ecobank .

The POS is one of the working tools that will be given to you. You can also get a POS as a merchant. This is basically determined by the size of one’s shop and turnover of one’s business.

We hope this educates you well.

Ecobank Agency Banking


Are you a youth, a father or a mother with a low income line or reduced income line.

You really do not need to wait anymore for the government to provide.

Key into Ecobank Agency Banking and make hey while the sun shines. You can also read: Ecobank Mobile App

You can equally visit:

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