Ecobank mobile app – let’s get things straight here first…what’s your attraction to the mobile banking app of your bank?

Does it give you the banking experience you want? Do you see yourself selling it to people – friends and well wishers alike?

If your answer is no then you need to take a look elsewhere hence the reason we are introducing Ecobank mobile application; the Ecobank app for lovely Ecobank mobile banking.

We will be discussing the following subtopics:

Ecobank mobile App

What is Ecobank mobile App?

This is Ecobank application or Ecobank mobile application designed for android and smart phones through which Ecobank originating transactions can be initiated at after it successful download into such phones.

With this Ecobank application or Ecobank mobile application, amazing things are possible which takes us to the next discussion which is…

What is Ecobank Mobile Banking?

This is the use of Mobile phone and Ecobank App (aka Ecobank mobile application) to perform banking services and request by interested persons.

This is made possible after the Ecobank mobile Application is successfully downloaded into the phone with successful registration and activation done too.

With this tech friendly innovation you don’t need answers to the question on how does Ecobank mobile application work anymore.

This is so because everything is self explanatory. Customers can enjoy a stress free and personalized banking experience on the go with their android phones at their various comfort zones.

Download Ecobank app

We will be sharing with you in this section how to do a quick Ecobank mobile app download

Our aim here is to help you download latest version of Ecobank mobile app and for easy Ecobank mobile application update.

Please for you to enjoy a successful Ecobank mobile banking app download; just do the following:

  1. Go to the Google play store of your phone.
  2. Type Ecobank Mobile Application download
  3. It will unveil Ecobank Mobile Application that has 3.4*, 26k reviews, 45MB, 3+ rated and over 1 million download so far.
  4. Click on it to download and install
  5. Once the download is completed…lunch it and get it ready for use. This is the simple answer on how do I set up Ecobank mobile app?

This takes us to the next phase which is…

Ecobank mobile banking registration

Please do the following:

  1. Lunch the Ecobank mobile Application on your phone.
  2. It will unveil spaces for Username and Password
  3. Since you are new, please ignore these two and click on register on Ecobank online.
  4. Select your relationship type with Ecobank
  5. Input your account number
  6. Put your email ID too in its column and submit.
  7. Please note that it is preferable to register with Card details instead of account number. Card gives you all access while account gives you view option only.

To do Ecobank mobile app activation, please do the following:

This is the stage where we sign-in into the platform using the Username and Password.

This very simple really:

  1. Input your username
  2. Input your password.
  3. …and submit.

We hope that this serves you real well on how do I activate Ecobank Mobile Banking?

Ecobank mobile banking pin

This is a 4 digit authenticating PIN used by Ecobank customers to okay their mobile banking transactions.

This include transfer transactions hence the name Ecobank transfer pin

Ecobank mobile banking pin is chosen during registration. During that time, one is asked to set one’s PIN and also reconfirm it.

When this 4 digit PIN is reconfirmed and submitted, it becomes one’s PIN. This is solves the question how can I get Ecobank Mobile Banking PIN?

Ecobank mobile transfer

This transfer can be done with Ecobank USSD or Ecobank Mobile Banking app but we are concerned with mobile transfer under mobile banking app.

Ecobank mobile App


Please don’t stranded especially in the face of your challenge.

As Ecobank customer you need to have all that you need for a stable financial flow all the times.

Key in into this and be prepared for the great day of your financial calling.

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