Ecobank online banking – having a general banking experience is good but having a banking experience that resounds and echoes is the assurance that makes one come again.

That is exactly what one gets with Ecobank online banking from first till no end because it has no end and its benefit is really awesome.

Without keeping you all in suspense much more, let me take you to a much more self discovery path with these hot subtopics:

  1. What is Ecobank Online Banking?
  2. Ecobank internet banking app
  3. Ecobank Internet banking download
  4. Ecobank online registration
  5. Ecobank internet banking sign up
  6. Ecobank Internet banking login
  7. Ecobank online account opening / Ecobank online account
  8. Ecobank online transfer
  9. Conclusion.
Ecobank online banking
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What is Ecobank Online Banking?

This is the internet banking application of Ecobank hoisted on their official website which allows both individual and corporate customers to enjoy a stress free personalized banking on the go with your android phones, at their various comfort zones with your android phones or desktops and in the banking premise using dedicated Internet Banking computers.

Ecobank is now one of the Banks that introduced an Internet Banking App which now takes us to…

Ecobank internet banking app

This is the advanced Ecobank Mobile Banking perfectly blended and obtained from the Google Play Store to serve their internet banking purposes too.

This is why it is very difficult to differentiate Ecobank’s Mobile App from Ecobank Internet banking App.

Ecobank Internet banking download

Like we said earlier, this has a lot similarity with Ecobank Mobile App and really they are the same Applications that have two different names.

Please to download this application; do the following:

  1. Go to the Google play store of your phone.
  2. Type Ecobank Internet banking download
  3. It will unveil Ecobank Mobile App that has 3.4*, 26k reviews, 45MB, 3+ rated and over 1 million download so far.
  4. Click on it to download and install
  5. Once the download and installation is completed…lunch it and get it ready for the next phase which is…

Ecobank online registration / Ecobank internet banking sign up

The aforementioned perfect blending of Ecobank’s Mobile App and Ecobank Internet banking App makes the Ecobank Online registration process on both to be the same.

Please do the following:

  1. Lunch the Ecobank Internet banking App on your desktop via their official website or via your phone.
  2. It will unveil spaces for Username and Password
  3. Since you are new, please ignore these two and click on register on Ecobank online.
  4. Select your relationship type with Ecobank
  5. Input your account number
  6. Put your email ID too in its column and submit.
  7. Please note that it is preferable to register with Card details instead of account number. Card gives you all access while account gives you view option only.

This is also the process of Ecobank internet banking sign up

Ecobank Internet banking login

This is the stage where we sign-in into the platform using the Username and Password.

This very simple really:

  1. Input your username
  2. Input your password.
  3. …and submit.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Ecobank online account opening / Ecobank online account

Are you in dire need of an account to conclude a transaction?

Ecobank is a major option for you in this area. With their services you can open an account known as Xpress Save and Loan.

All you need is to do the following:

  1. Do Ecobank Internet banking login using your Username and Password
  2. Go to open Xpress Save and Loan
  3. Input necessary things like Names, Date of Birth (DOB), BVN (not mandatory), sex and others
  4. Submit after that and your account number will greet the screen of your phone immediately.

Isn’t this awesome?

Ecobank online transfer

In this section we will make effort to provide answers to question on how do I transfer money through Ecobank Internet Banking?

The answer is not farfetched; just follow the steps below:

  1. Do Ecobank Internet banking login using your Username and Password
  2. Go to Fund Transfer
  3. Input necessary things like Beneficiary account number, beneficiary Bank, Amount and PIN
  4. Submit after that and your account will be debited while the beneficiary will be credited.

NB: please note that this is also valid for transfer within Ecobank and transfers from Ecobank to another bank.

Ecobank online banking


Whoa! What an explosive package! This is for you and we need you to key in and take the best Ecobank online banking has to offer.

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