Sterling bank agent banking – Agent banking is nothing new nowadays. Most banks have keyed into it and it is actually serving its purpose.

Now, Sterling bank is not different at all in these street banking. They are waxing strong with the aim of getting a fair share of their market hence the topic Sterling bank agent banking – Banking made easy with Sterling agent banking.

To get the above topic down into us, the following will form our sub topic:

  1. What is Sterling bank agent banking?
  2. How to become Sterling Bank Agent?
  3. Sterling bank Agent Commission
  4. Things you can do with Sterling Bank POS as a Sterling Bank agent
  5. Conclusion.
Sterling bank agent banking

What is Sterling bank agent banking?

This is the street banking of Sterling Bank managed by a 3rd party person who is known and identified as agent.

Another name for this form of banking is Sterling agent bank. These agents are trained to be professionals with full understanding of Sterling Bank Service culture.

How to become Sterling Bank Agent?

Are you interested in becoming Sterling bank Agent? This is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit sterling bank and declare to intention to be an agent
  2. Fill all necessary forms and submit
  3. Agent accounts will be opened for you immediately
  4. The Sterling bank Application will be activated on your phone first for your use
  5. Finally a POS will be sent to you afterwards which equally answers enquiries pertaining to how to acquire Sterling Bank POS?

I guess this is very easy on becoming Sterling Bank Agent.

Sterling bank Agent Commission

The agent commission of sterling bank is very attractive too.

Things you can do with Sterling Bank POS as a Sterling Bank agent

The following things can be done with Sterling Bank Agent POS:

  1. Account Opening
  2. Balance enquiry
  3. Quick fund transfers
  4. Bill payments

These options are simple. Just get on your POS or App and choose the task you wish to perform.

Ensure you input the correct information always and submit same after imputation. You will immediately get a notification that your request was successful.


One mistake you must not make as an agent is to say that I have got enough of the banking agent app I need as an agent to function well.

Getting it all serves better. Ensure you add Sterling agent banking to your list of agent banking app or better still make it your top priority today.

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