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WHY Advertise with us? Financedropbox readers already know, love and trust Financedropbox, in like mind, when you sponsor a post on this blog, the trust is transferred to the sponsor. You get the opportunity to connect with over 30,000+monthly entrepreneurs and business owners, consumers of Nigerian banking products, Money transfer product consumers, Banking professionals and financially exposed persons. These people are actively searching for ideas, solutions, latest trends in banking “know how” and money related activities to help them solve their problems and financial investments. You as well get the benefit of always being on the website, you stand to have your post remain on this website for a lifetime. This website will receive and direct traffic in the future to you.


The financeDropbox audience consists of “Entrepreneurs, business owners, consumers of the Nigerian and foreign banking products, consumers of international money transfer products, banking professionals and financially exposed persons.” AUDIENCE QUICK STATS Over 69% of our audience is between 18 – 65 years 80% of our audience are from Nigeria, followed by the United States, United Kingdom, India, Ukraine, Ghana, South Africa, Canada, Germany etc Over 85% of our audience are from Search Engines. TOP 5 INTERESTS Loan syndication with Nigerian banks ( business & Salary advance) BVN correction in Nigeria Digital/e-channel banking in Nigeria and beyond (Mobile, internet and USSD banking, account modification etc) International money transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, Webfast, World Remit etc) Financial/Investment services (local and international)

FINANCEDROPBOX BLOG STATS: Average monthly unique users 15,500+ Average monthly page views 30,000+ Average time spent on page3:25 BLOG POST SPONSORSHIP PROCESS It will take a minimum of one week to create your post, beginning the day the agreement is sealed. Take a look at the over view of the process: 1. Sponsored post agreement reached by both parties 2. Payment made 3. Post written 4. Edits and changes made if requested 5. Final post approved 6. Blog post scheduled and published. BANNER ADS Banner ads are also available and negotiable with recommended formats. PRICING All sponsored posts are N20,000 ($54) and include: 1000+ words blog post written to the standard and format of all posts. These posts will be shared with my email subscribers IMPORTANT CONTENT NOTES: All sponsored posts will have a sponsored by (company name) at the top of the article in a byline, with a link going back to the company’s site. For standard posts between 1000 to 2000 words, there is a minimum of 2 in post links to company’s site allowed. Nofollow links will be given to all sponsored content, this is to be compliant with Google regulations, not doing so may result to page rank penalty for both financeDROPBOX and the sponsor.


Price is subject to change based on individual sponsor requirements and the number of sponsored posts booked at a time NEXT STEPS Questions? Let’s connect for a quick discovery and chat about your content goals Visit our Contact page below

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